mirrored lens technology

Zbetr sunglasses with mirror coating are designed to reflect glare away through a thin metallic layer on the outside of the lenses. This provides brilliant vision which significantly reduces eyestrain that occurs during prolonged periods out in bright environments like sunny beach days or snowy mountain conditions.

We also treat our mirror coated lenses with a hydrophobic anti-salt coating that acts as a repellent seal allowing clear vision in any weather condition. This makes the lenses easy to clean and provides a scratch resistant finish that repels dirt, salt, oil, and debris enabling the lens to stay cleaner longer. There are a number of other benefits including;

  • unparalleled durability and impact resistance
  • protects the eyes from harmful UV rays
  • minimizes glare associated with the water, snow and sun
  • fashionable and exciting color options 
  • available in Plano or customized to your prescription.