Lenses to match your lifestyle

Get the most out of your Zbetrs by selecting a lens color that fits your lifestyle. The right lens choice can elevate your sports performance, enhance your leisure activities, and complement your unique fashion sense. Use the lens tint guide below to discover the best lens color for you.

#1 (navy) - dark blue tinted lenses reduce glare by roughly 80% making them great for bright, sunny days on the tennis court, playing ultimate frisbee, or water skiing on Lake Burton

#2 (light blue) & #4 (purple) - both are excellent for foggy, misty or snowy conditions. Perfect for skiing, snowboarding, building a snowman, or any other winter sport or activity.



#3 (green) - significantly improve visibility in shadowy areas, and sharpen objects against blue and green backgrounds. Absolutely ideal for that next round of golf. Go for the green!



#5 (red) - offer brilliant and detailed clarity, reduce eyestrain, and help the eyes adjust to contrast, especially during fast conditions. The quintessential lens for those who enjoy being behind the wheel. Not to mention they give your frame a dynamic, stylish look.



#6 (rose) - NON-POLARIZED. Best suited for cyclists or runners. Polarized lenses make reading digital displays (e.g., GPS) more challenging. The pink base tint of this lens yields a rose hue that significantly enhances the contrast between sun and shade, while delivering the brightest, most detailed field of vision.



#7 (gray) - great for any kind of weather, from sunny and cloudy to rainy and foggy. They provide anti-fatigue benefits and overall protection from glare – especially glare shining off water and wet roads. This particular property makes them well-suited for any outdoor activity; like working on your tan, beach volleyball, boating, or drinking beer by the pool.

#8 (brown) - evenly distribute a natural contrast, and are especially ideal for fishing as they considerably reduce the amount of glare off water and improve depth perception. Hook, line, and sinker!